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Sibidongpado Shipwreck


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Original name
Korea / Goryeo Dynasty
Estimated length : 14–15 m, width : 5.5 m, depth : 2.5 m /Remaining length : 7 m, width : 2.5 m, depth : 0.8–1 m
Mokpo National Maritime Museum(Exhibition Room 1)
Discovered in 2003 during an underwater investigation, the Sibidongpado Shipwreck was a celadon carrier sailing around the Gogunsan Islands between the 11th and 12th centuries, the Goryeo Period. Named after the nearby island after the discovery, the ship was estimated to be a flat-botommed wooden sailing ship with the maximum length of 14 to 15 meters and width of 5.5 meters, but the remaining hull is only 7 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The ship was made of pine, zelkova, cone-fruit platycarya, oak, and sawtooth oak: pine for the bottom, pine and zelkova for L-shaped frameworks, and cone-fruit platycarya and sawtooth oak were used for wooden nails to connect the boards. The upper structure including hull plates were lost; only three rows of bottom plates, two starboard L-shaped frameworks, one hull plate, three crossbars, imulbiupans (bow), one horong (reeler), and one anchor stone that were buried in the tideland were discovered. Given that there was a hole for supporting a mast in the center bottom plate, it is assumed that the ship had only one sail. The ship carried 8,743 artifacts including celadon and earthenware vessels, equipments for life on board (two iron caldrons, a stoneware steamer, a stone plate and a bronze spoon), materials for ceramic packaging, ropes, and anchor stones. Among them, 8,122 were celadon, indicating that the ship was a carrier for celadon. Since the celadon were made in Haenam, the largest celadon producing site of Goryeo, the Sibidongpado Shipwreck is presumed to have departed from a port located in Haenam, Jeollanam-do Province.
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십이동파도선 이미지
십이동파도선 이미지
십이동파도선 이미지
십이동파도선 이미지