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Wooden Tag


「나주광흥창」이 적힌 목간 이미지 1
「나주광흥창」이 적힌 목간 이미지 2
Original name
Korea / Joseon Dynasty
Chungcheongnam-do Taean-gun
Culture & Art - Others
Wood - Others
Mado 2574
Taean National Maritime Museum(Exhibition Room 2)
This is a rectangular wooden tag, whose front/back and top/bottom were trimmed smoothly. Both sides were also trimmed, but some bark remains on one side. The tag is almost intact, except for its broken middle section. The characters on the tag are written with the cursive style, the most beautifully written ones among the excavated tags. The characters—a total of five—are written only on the front side, displaying that the freight is shipped from Naju to Gwangheungchang (廣興倉) in Seoul. Gwangheungchang was the tax storehouse in the Joseon Period that also paid stipend to officials. Gwangheungchang located at present-day Mapo in Seoul was the final destination of all tax carriers in the Joseon Period.
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「나주광흥창」이 적힌 목간 이미지
「나주광흥창」이 적힌 목간 이미지