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Wooden Comb (Replica)

나무 빗(복제) 이미지 1
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Original name
Korea / Goryeo Dynasty
Chungcheongnam-do Taean-gun
Shelter - Daily supplies/household items - Makeup tools - Comb
Wood - Others
Length : 13 cm, Width : 6.1 cm, Thickness : 0.5 cm
Mado 2290
Taean National Maritime Museum(Exhibition Room 4)
This is a wooden comb found in the center starboard of the 3rd compartment, made of evergreen witch hazel (Distylium racemosum). It has comb teeth on both sides, with thick and sparse teeth on one side and fine and dense ones on the other, indicating that it was produced to serve as two types of combs. The teeth of the sparse side are 1 mm thick and 2.5 cm long at 1.0 mm intervals, while those of the dense side are composed of teeth that are 0.6 mm thick and 1.4 cm long at 0.5 mm intervals. The overall shape of the comb cannot be identified, and around 20 teeth remain. The teeth are almost intact, except that some of the fine teeth tips are lost.
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나무 빗(복제) 이미지
나무 빗(복제) 이미지
나무 빗(복제) 이미지