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Celadon Prunus Vase with Incised Lotus Flower and Branch Design


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Korea / Goryeo Dynasty
Chungcheongnam-do Taean-gun
Food - Tableware - Storage & Transport - Bottle
Ceramic - Celadon
Height : 39.0-39.1 cm, Diameter (mouth) : 7.0/6.8-7.0 cm, Diameter (bottom) : 15.0 cm
Mado 1194
Taean National Maritime Museum(Exhibition Room 2)
This is a celadon prunus vase that used to contain honey. Below the cup-shaped mouth, a short shoulder begins to extend sidewards and becomes rounded, meeting the body. The globular body gradually narrows downwards and then slightly widens at the bottom. The foot is wide and inward. The patterns consist of three layers, which are engraved. The neck has patterns of Anuruddha, and the lower body is decorated with fret and Anuruddha patterns. The Anuruddha patterns look dynamic because of the tails. The main pattern is lotus flower with branches and leaves, which decorate the whole body. The border of the pattern is deeply curved while the leaf vines within the pattern are shallowly scratched, giving three-dimensional effect. The bases of the lotus stem are expressed by putting dots with a pointed tool, adding a reality. The glaze is greenish blue, covering the whole vase except for the ground plane. The vase was wiped out of the glaze at the ground plane and supported with yellow fireproof sandy clay doughs for firing. There are tiny cracks, flow of the glaze, and spots of yellowish brown on the surface. A bamboo tag (No. 27) was hung around the vase’s neck, saying “重房都將校吳文富/宅上精蜜盛樽封.”
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