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Celadon Giraffe-shaped Incense Burner Lid


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Original name
Korea / Goryeo Dynasty
Jeollanam-do Jindo-gun
Social Life - Rite - Religious ritual - Incense burner
Ceramic - Celadon
Total Height : 10.8 cm, Height(lid) : 2.2 cm, Diameter (lid) : 9.8 cm, Diameter (hole) : 3.0 cm
Maritime Artifact 16963
Mokpo National Maritime Museum(Exhibition Room 1)
This giraffe-shaped celadon lid for an incense burner is almost intact except for the slightly broken ends of the horns. The center of the lid was cut out round and a giraffe-shaped, hollow decoration was placed on the hole. With the flattened upper part, the lid is bent once at the edge to form a gentle slope to connect to the straight body. The upper flat part, except for the girrafe, is engraved with wave patterns. The body is engraved with large lightning patterns looking like a Chinese character of "回 (meaning 'return')." The girrafe is crouching with its four legs stacked, turning its head back and looking upwards with its mouth open. Within the half-open mouth, teeth and a slightly protruding pointed tongue are seen. One of its horns extends to its neck. To its lower chin and both sides of its mouth, beards are attached. Its neck and front pits are decorated with mane and hair. On the back of the neck and the tail, mane is engraved as swirling patterns. The tip of the tail is rolled up, and the tail hair is expressed from the hip to the back. The four claws are sharpened. The eyes were engraved; the pupils were drawn with black-colored underglaze iron. The clay is refined; the greenish blue glaze evenly covers the girrafe including its internal surface. Tiny cracks spread out all over the ceiling inside the lid. The center of the internal lid has a round hole. The ceiling inside the lid shows five trails of firing supported with silica stone.
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청자 기린모양 향로뚜껑 이미지
청자 기린모양 향로뚜껑 이미지
청자 기린모양 향로뚜껑 이미지
청자 기린모양 향로뚜껑 이미지
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